Android equivalents on the Ubuntu phone

Android equivalents on the Ubuntu phone


The idea behind this video is to show Ubuntu equivalents for my most used Android apps.

Ubuntu apps shown:
HERE / OSMtouch
File Manager

Honourable Mentions:

EDIT: The small font bug in OSMscout (on the MX4) is now fixed. Yay!


  1. Concerning the absence of AirDroid… I wonder if Send Anywhere would work on the phone browser (if there isn’t a dedicated app). In the desktop browser the little tab on the right has Send/Receive buttons – no account or login required. Easily handles single or multiple file transfers from desktop to device and vice-versa (over local wi-fi).

  2. The problem with most of the apps on the phone is that they’re all webapps. So, no offline mode, or if you’re in a bad signal area, tough. No looking at your mail, no looking at maps etc. Sounds strange to say that you want to use a phone where you don’t have a network connection, but not everyone is lucky enough to live in a good signal area, and is a PITA if you need to look at a mail you already looked at 5mins ago when your network suddenly drops. Plus, being webapps, there’s no native notifications, so I can have 20+ updates on facebook/twitter and I never know about them until I go back to the app (they’re working on that I think?).

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