Downloading issues

Downloading issues


There seems to be some comments saying how difficult it is to download an issue of Full Circle, I’d just like to clarify this:

  1. Click the Download tab at the top of the page
  2. Click the Issue you would like to download
  3. Click the language you would like to download.

Easy as that. 🙂


  1. If one uses firefox with adobe reader plugin installed, this method is not suitable. The reader will be invoked just by clicking the ISSUE. Or one php document will be download by clicking “Save Link As” in the context menu. Maybe one needs an addon for firefox. But It is the said difficulty.

  2. Just choose choose File and Save Page from within firefox to download the issues. It’s a pain you have to open the PDF in the browser first but that’s because of the download manager.

  3. Not difficult at all. Just try it on issues 0-4, and what comes up is an error 404 page not found.

  4. When I had Adobe 7 in Feisty, it was annoying because the download (in Firefox) would open up Adobe reader with the main toolbar switched off. So I had to switch it on (right click on side bar) and then I could use the Save button. Now in Adobe 8 in Gutsy, something is screwed up, and the option to switch on the main toolbar is gone! So in Adobe there is currently no way to save the pdf file.

  5. Why do sites like this have to have fancy ‘download managers’ when a simple download link or button would suffice. Also, why set the pdf file to hide the toolbar and navigation buttons? This is a real pain

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