Happy Birthday to us all!

Happy Birthday to us all!



This month marks eight years since Full Circle first appeared. All this because of a crazy idea I had all those years ago.

Eight. Years. Wow!

I obviously have to thank all of those awesome people who’ve written articles in the past eight years. Without those articles coming in we’d never have reached eight issues, never mind eight years! Also, of course, a big thanks to all of you who download and spread the word about Full Circle.

Issue #01 is still online. Feel free to take a trip down memory lane:

FCM #01


  1. Discovered this great publication back in 2010 (or thereabouts). Enjoy reading it every month. Thanks so much for putting this all together, and of course to all of the contributors who bring in such informative content.

  2. Hi Ronnie, we should be thanking you.

    Goodness knows how much time, persistence, heartache et al go into producing Full Circle each month but I bet it’s considerable.
    It is a testament to you that the quality remains high.
    Thank you again and very well done.


  3. Full Circle is my first stop when I have a question about Linux. That pretty much says it all, Ronnie. Good on you!

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