Issue with new theme in Chrome 43.0.2357.125 (64-bit)

Issue with new theme in Chrome 43.0.2357.125 (64-bit)


The problem appears to be resolved (see comments below).

We are aware of an issue in Chrome 43.0.2357.125 (64-bit) (from the package google-chrome-stable) that results in the page not rendering correctly.  It seems to be caused by a bug in either Chrome, or the .deb package (from Google’s homepage).

What’s affected: Only the stable 64 bit version (43.0.2357.125) (installing the 32-bit version on 64-bit Ubuntu worked for me, and the error was not present).

The Bug: Chrome returns/receives a 404 error when trying to load the style.css file for the theme.  The file exists, and is reachable in all other browsers at the correct link.

The Fix: For the time being, switching to an older version of Chrome, or to google-chrome-beta, will fix the issue.

Warning: For anyone who has an update for Google Chrome (64-bit) on Ubuntu, I would recommend holding off on said update, or just directly switching to the beta channel.

I have used Chrome’s “report an issue” function to hopefully bring this to Google’s attention.  Feel free to do the same.

tl;dr: The issue is coming from this particular version of Chrome, and as such, I can’t/won’t fix it.  I’ve brought it to Google’s attention, but using the 32-bit version of Chrome, or the Chrome Beta will fix the issue.


  1. > “We are aware of an issue in Chrome 43.0.2357.125 (64-bit)”

    are you sure about that version? The bug was in the previous version (43.0.2357.124) and fixed in 43.0.2357.125. see:

    > “I have used Chrome’s “report an issue” function to hopefully
    > bring this to Google’s attention. Feel free to do the same.”

    Did you bother checking the bug tracker? This issue has been tracked since June 9th. Also, the google-chrome-stable package containing the fix was released on June 11, less than 48 hours after the affected release.

  2. As of 15 June 0827 ADT my Chrome browser Version 43.0.2357.125 (64-bit) on Mint Mate 17.1 seems to be behaving itself. Last night was a different story.

    I will get used to the layout…old dog and all that.

    Congratulations Lucas! Well done! Carry on. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the update. I checked this morning (6 hours ago) on 43.0.2357.125-1 (newest package), and still had the issue. Checking now, the issue is gone (no updates). Either the server was having issues with a cache somewhere, or some file wasn’t being loaded properly after an update on my laptop. As for the bug report cgoldberg linked to – that’s not the issue that people were complaining about. It might have been related, but the description of behaviour was not the same.

    I’ll edit the post to indicate that the problem seems to be resolved.

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